Land Owner

Becoming A Land Owner


I think now is an appropriate time to reveal the next chapter of my journey – that is becoming a land owner. The desire to acquire property has been cooking for several years; in fact, ever since I came back from North Carolina I have wanted land for myself.

For several years now I have been contemplating the chess board – deciding which move I would take. It had been a back-and-forth dilemma between various ideas and locations – what kind of life I wanted to transition into. I was never able to commit to just one of them.

Thankfully, a group of friends and I have recently started a very ambitious gardening quartet – looking to bring clean nutrient dense foods to our local markets, to change the perceptions of how food can be grown, to educating school children, to promoting self reliance and so forth. This group, with its drive, passion, and motivation, it became the momentum I needed to push myself forward and continue down the path I had started years ago.

Everything went so fast.

We needed land and I wanted somewhere we could call ours. The time was right and I knew about a 2 acre property which had good potential. The price was good but my offer made it better. After all these years of waiting I had the funds ready for this moment. My offer was accepted without hesitation.

Now we wait for the finalization of paperwork and then to hand over the cash payment to seal the deal.

This is just the beginning of the new Enlightenment.

School Food

Health vs. Convenience: A Look At Modern Public School Lunches

health |helTH|


the state of being free from illness or injury

Health is very important to me, as it should be for every one of us. But unfortunately, ever since the Golden Age of American history, what I believe has happened is a new ideal has set its roots in the minds of the masses – that is:

convenience |kənˈvēnyəns|


the state of being able to proceed with something with little effort or difficulty

With that said comes the inception of the “TV dinner”; the brainchild of Swanson, marketeers, and the now present convenience-driven-mindset. These prepackaged meals came resting on Alzheimer-Aluminum, ready to be popped into the oven; until the dawn of the Microwave Era and its children – Microwave-Safe-Hormonal-Plastics.

Skip forward a few decades and you now arrive to a world that has pushed forward the ideology of convenience, shape-shifting into the psychologically weaponized buzzword we deem Instant Gratification. We’re drowning in processed snacks and quick-death-fast-foods – all to please our manipulated way-of-life…