Initiating the Local Movement

Initiating the Local Movement

We are living through an interesting time period littered with cutthroat geopolitics; dangerous daily rides on the international economic roller-coaster; all while experiencing an influx of social justice issues that are dividing our nations and our people. It is truly a complex transition for the next generation.

With that said, the question then becomes, “What can we do to better our future?” The most hopeful solution I see is to collectively become the change we wish to see in the world as said best by Gandhi. We must take responsible action on a local level; to positively influence our communities to better understand and educate how we can all coexist together in a peaceful & abundant manner.

God has given me the beautiful gift of good health and the eyes to see through disillusionment. It is my goal to dedicate my time and energy towards something larger than myself. I want to help create this new path forward, and I will do all that I can to succeed.

My goals with High Prairie Produce are just the beginning for Southwest Iowa.

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