Transitional Gardening

Transition Gardening: My Future Forward

Much has developed within the past few months and I am so very grateful for every bit of it; in fact, this is what I have been hoping for for the past couple of years now. To catch you up to speed, it was sometime during the early days of March when my friends Allison Adams, Jonathan May, and myself were all together when it was thrown up into the air that we should together start a market garden. To my understanding it was quite random how it all came about, and initially Jonathan was somewhat hesitant of the idea because he was afraid we would lose interest and not follow through with the idea… oh how we’re proving him wrong every day forward.

The motivation these two souls have given me has been such a blessing. I hope there’s a way that I can fully express my gratitude towards these friends of mine; they have been able to give me the gentle push forward I have needed in order to kick start the stagnant ideas I have been resting on. They have given me the courage to press forward and purchase the land I have been seeking to acquire, and now it is almost mine.

Now that we have leveled up, have jumped through some of the hoops, and have moved forward enough through the game, here we are working in the fields, preparing our garden beds, and planting seeds… not only will we yield a harvest of high quality foods, but I imagine metaphorically we have planted the seeds to a long lasting friendship and in time the fruits of our labor will keep on giving and giving. I honestly cannot say enough good things about where we’re at; we question each other, we challenge each other, we motivate each other, and we respect each other.

I’m titling this post Transition Gardening because I’m hoping what happens this season becomes a grand transitional period for not only myself, but for everyone involved in this project (and even beyond that); I believe all of us will be able to grow alongside one another. Another side to this is that I’m hoping this is the beginning of my occupational transition; I’m hoping that this micro-farming/urban-farming can develop into not only a sustainable way to acquire food for myself, but enough to feed others to the point where it can become my livelihood to do so indefinitely. I want to do so because I stand behind the notion that in order to heal many of the issues we’re plagued with in today’s society that we need to restore the small farm and the local supply chains; our communities need to realign their priorities and to understand how critical it is to have a clean source of food and to learn to stray away from big-box processed goods that our toxifying our bodies, our brains, and our immune systems (the gut!).

* The goal is this:

We need to restore the health of the People. To do so we need to bring back clean-sourced local foods, traditional methods used to properly prepare said foods, and the necessary education as to how and why foods are the answer to our healthcare woes. I believe when these measures are taken we’re better positioning ourselves to become a more effective People.

If you want to more closely follow our journey you can find out more information at; we also have various social media outlets such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook (as of right now our Facebook page hasn’t officially launched).

* This goal is a personal goal of mine, and doesn’t necessarily reflect the mission statement of High Prairie Produce

Land Owner

Becoming A Land Owner


I think now is an appropriate time to reveal the next chapter of my journey – that is becoming a land owner. The desire to acquire property has been cooking for several years; in fact, ever since I came back from North Carolina I have wanted land for myself.

For several years now I have been contemplating the chess board – deciding which move I would take. It had been a back-and-forth dilemma between various ideas and locations – what kind of life I wanted to transition into. I was never able to commit to just one of them.

Thankfully, a group of friends and I have recently started a very ambitious gardening quartet – looking to bring clean nutrient dense foods to our local markets, to change the perceptions of how food can be grown, to educating school children, to promoting self reliance and so forth. This group, with its drive, passion, and motivation, it became the momentum I needed to push myself forward and continue down the path I had started years ago.

Everything went so fast.

We needed land and I wanted somewhere we could call ours. The time was right and I knew about a 2 acre property which had good potential. The price was good but my offer made it better. After all these years of waiting I had the funds ready for this moment. My offer was accepted without hesitation.

Now we wait for the finalization of paperwork and then to hand over the cash payment to seal the deal.

This is just the beginning of the new Enlightenment.

Personal Phases

Personal Phases

(12/10/2011) Sometimes it takes shaving off your hair to understand new beginnings…

December of 2011 was the chapter’s end to a previous phase and the transition into anew. This was my second time shaving my head that semester; the first being in the benefit of a friend with cancer; the second time for my own personal destruction & growth; like how a flower blooms from the passing winter air, it was my time to set myself free. It was then I was exploring the Smashing Pumpkins’ discography and treading the waters of what I called the Billy Corgan Moment. The aeroplane flies high, turns left, looks right… it was the ride of 2012 that was about to begin.

Pacific Ocean Horizon

Do What You Want To Do

The biggest reoccurring theme in my life is that I strive to be different; being normal has never been appealing to me. It’s important that we have individuals in our world who are willing to step outside-of-the-box and experience life from within a self-defined set of parameters (as long as they don’t infringe on anyone’s natural rights); this gives us the chance to view reality from a different perspective; to critique, to inspire, and to improve upon our standard ways-of-life.

MaidentripFor instance, I wanted to quickly review a documentary I watched the other night about a 14-year-old Dutch girl who sailed around the world alone; the film is called Maidentrip and you can find it on Netflix. I thought this was a beautiful documentary for several reasons:

  1. Because it shows that young people don’t have to be limited by their age. I hold the belief that childhood is being artificially extended for marketing/psychological purposes. Laura demonstrates that with passion, anyone can do anything, especially at whatever age.
  2. It’s incredible how brave this young girl is. Granted, she was born on a sailboat and has grown-up around water her whole life. It would be a struggle for myself, who has always been land-locked, to be able to travel the sea.
  3. I love how you can watch her sense of independence grow, and her understanding of the self.
  4. Lastly, this documentary inspires me to do whatever it is that I want to do.

In a lifetime, there will always be at least one moment where there’s something we have wanted to do, but have decided against it. Usually it’s either because we’re afraid, or we want to please someone else (sure, there could be many other reasons as well). One instance might be you wanted to pursue a particular major in college, but your parents wanted something else.

Currently, I’m battling myself because there are certain goals I would like to achieve, but I’m limiting myself from being able to succeed. I have some bizarre artistic ideas I want to pursue; to live a different kind of lifestyle; to show the world around me that you can be different; that if you put your mind to something you can achieve it.

We only live once. Why not do the things we want to do; especially while we’re still young and ambitious. In years to come we’ll look back and question ourselves, “why didn’t I do this?” “Why didn’t I do that?” “I could have done anything I wanted to…”

Why let others limit ourselves? Why let society limit ourselves? Why let ourselves limit ourselves?

Let’s achieve greatness.

We can do anything we want to do.


Photo by Oscar Cortez