Red Oak Creek

Turning Red Oak Creek into a Downtown Asset

“Red  Oak  Creek  flows  just  one  block  from  the  core  of  downtown,  but,  quite  simply,  it’s  a  mess.    It  presents  an  opportunity  for  creating  an  east/west  link  through  the  community  for  walkers  and  bicyclists,  and  in  the  downtown  it  offers  the  opportunity for another great public space.  Red Oak Creek offers a chance to  reclaim  a  bit  of  nature  that  has  been  lost  –  even  disrespected  –  in  Red  Oak, and to reclaim it in ways that bolster downtown’s business climate and creates a place for families and children.”

The Red Oak Strategy Plan of 2002

Revitalization of Red Oak Creek

The development of a Red Oak Creek corridor should not happen in a piecemeal or haphazard way. There is a real opportunity here, and the formulation of a common vision for the creek and the ways in which it intersects with various parts of the community should be a priority.

Personal Phases

Personal Phases

(12/10/2011) Sometimes it takes shaving off your hair to understand new beginnings…

December of 2011 was the chapter’s end to a previous phase and the transition into anew. This was my second time shaving my head that semester; the first being in the benefit of a friend with cancer; the second time for my own personal destruction & growth; like how a flower blooms from the passing winter air, it was my time to set myself free. It was then I was exploring the Smashing Pumpkins’ discography and treading the waters of what I called the Billy Corgan Moment. The aeroplane flies high, turns left, looks right… it was the ride of 2012 that was about to begin.