Windows XP

Windows XP Install CD

Some people say if you play a Windows XP install CD backwards you will hear demon voices commanding you to worship Satan. But that’s nothing. If you play the same CD forward it will install Windows XP.

Something I found I had written down in an old journal.

Wi-Fi Flowers

Thoughts on Wireless Radiation

I have concerns when it comes to wireless radiation. As a technology contractor, I’m exposed to this form of radiation all the time; there are even times when I feel the damage being done – whether or not that’s just all inside my head, I cannot substantiate… but when I start to get headaches after spending hours surrounded by laptops and access points… I start to wonder.

10 Shocking Facts about the Health Dangers of Wi-Fi

Five ninth-grade young women from Denmark recently created a science experiment that is causing a stir in the scientific community. The experiment earned the girls top honors in the regional science competition and the interest of scientists around the world.

Most of my contract work is done inside school districts. This adds another layer of concern, because the environment becomes more of a health-risk for everyone involved; especially with young developing minds that don’t have the skeletal & tissue structure to protect against all forms radiation. Let’s add another layer upon this picture and start handing out laptops to all the individual students as well (in another post I will detail my thoughts about these 1:1 laptop programs). Online there’s a growing voice behind not allowing Wi-Fi inside of school districts; Teacher Unions all over the world are speaking out about the dangers of Wi-Fi. Even a class of students from Denmark presented a science experiment which finds that plants won’t grow near Wi-Fi routers signals.

Baby Boomers Buggy

The Baby Boomer Generation

… when the Baby Boomers pass away, our way of life will rapidly change.

I’ve had this theory and concern for awhile now, and I don’t exactly remember how it all started; I suppose it arose whenever I dove into critiquing the direction our society and culture is heading towards. I have tried sharing this thought with others, but I don’t know how well I have conveyed it. It doesn’t seem like others are able to follow along – or care to listen. I will say the two books “Brave New World” and “1984” had really fueled this idea (why aren’t these required reading any more?), along with the understanding of how the field of psychology really became a weapon used against the public; which may seem like such a broad allegation – which I can’t say that all of psychology was used negatively – but there certainly was a lot of research done on how to control the minds of the masses. Two big examples I would first like to point you towards is the work of Edward Bernays and his push for public relations/consumerism and B. F. Skinner’s work in the field of Behaviorism (there are many other prominent scientists who paved the way towards this era of scientific advancement (Darwin, Freud, Pavlov, Watson, etc.)… there are also many more studies and experiments that really test how far humans are willing to undermine one another; e.g. The Little Albert Experiment; Milgram Experiment; The Standford Prison Experiment).

Fragile Digital Reality

A Fragile Digital Reality

Let me first start off by painting you a picture of a fictitious scenario that is all too real:

It’s a late night on the computer. The severe thunderstorm you’ve been anticipating all evening has finally knocked on your front door and wants to party. You know you should probably shutdown your computer and call it a night, but it has been months since you have been this productive; you decide to continue what you’re doing. Several hours later and that thunderstorm is still hanging around; he actually invited hail, high speed winds, and that tree in your backyard to come crash your place. A quick burst of light from outside your windows fills your room; simultaneously you turn around and take off your headphones when you’re blasted by thunderous decibels. The power goes out. By instinct you find yourself fleeing towards your bed to dig underneath the covers. The comfort puts you to sleep peacefully. The next morning the bright sunlight awakes you; it’s a beautiful day outside but your first move is to go turn-on your computer … “No bootable device — insert boot disk and press any key” … It looks like that thunderstorm and his friends not only crashed your house, but they also crashed your hard-drive.

Like I said, this was a fictitious scenario, but the archetype of data-loss is all too real.