Red Oak Renaissance

Windows XP

Some people say if you play a Windows XP install CD backwards you will hear demon voices commanding you to worship Satan. But that’s nothing. If you play the same CD forward it will install Windows XP.

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Wi-Fi Flowers

Thoughts on Wireless Radiation

I have concerns when it comes to wireless radiation. As a technology contractor, I’m exposed to this form of radiation all the time; there are even times when I feel the damage being done…

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Baby Boomers Buggy

The Baby Boomer Generation

The take-away I want to make is that we’re slowly losing our ancestors’ mindset of independence, self-sufficiency, and critical thinking skills, and instead we’re all becoming children to the state.

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Fragile Digital Reality

A Fragile Digital Reality

Do you realize how fragile our digital realities are? Either by a party boy thunderstorm, a broken USB-port, or by numerous other scenarios… this archetype of data-loss is a real concern, but it’s also evolving.

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